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...and this is just the beginning...

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This community is built as a thriving haven for critical examination of the works of serious poets, both those whom are just beginning and those with solid experience.

Please take note of these important guidelines which help the community survive and run smoothly:

1. Purpose: You identify that this is an interconnected community which is working towards the universal goal of better, more alive poetry.

2. Feedback: You are encouraged to follow a 5:1 ratio of critiquing to posting at the least.(for every five critiques, you may post one poem)

You must be ready to give and receive constructive feedback, being appreciative of the important process. Idle feedback such as ‘I like that, this is nice’ is not constructive or beneficial to the community.

3. Posting Works: There is a maximum of two (2) poems per seven day period (this prevents redundancy and flooding). Pick the two that need the most critique, then step back and read other persons works.

4. Plagiarism and Rights: All members’ rights will be reserved. Only original work is acceptable.

By joining this community you accept these terms and are encouraged to have fun! Please visit my journal/website at: http://www.frels.net and please add me to your friends list.