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Fuck me         I thought I’d… - poetic_thinking

About Fuck me         I thought I’d…

Previous Entry Aug. 7th, 2004 @ 04:40 pm Next Entry

Fuck me

        I thought I’d

                          uncross your legs

by begging in the torn down sandpaper style
ribbing the truth, just minor bumped
grind words
sieving around the object of finding,
hidden pocket where
       It’s not just screwing anymore, finding caught streams of the paperjam idea
that I feel good
                                                             In You
But caught up, is the paperjam, stuck corners folding up
and I catch the breath it takes to run my fingers up
and scratch the back beneath the couch caught view
                                                            Of You

Just streak down the ash covered fingernail,
you keep clawing your shirt seam with to,
cover over the nippled fact that
you’re excited

And while I lick over the tone of you, and suck back caramel coated hard liquored intentions,
loosen the belt,
and unfasten the buttons

This trite manner of scratchy pleases,
and wood bed begs, is it enough for you to

                                               Uncross your legs?

: frustratedfrustrated
: "Wild West" - Jewel
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